Ticker,Company,Country,Sector,Date,Weight "HIO UN EQUITY","Western Asset High Income Opportunity Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.0292 "DSL UN EQUITY","DoubleLine Income Solutions Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,2.81097 "EOS UN EQUITY","Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Income II Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.910035 "WIA UN EQUITY","Western Asset/Claymore Infl Linked Securities and Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.536641 "IGA UN EQUITY","Voya Global Advantage & Premium Opportunity Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.334812 "JRO UN EQUITY","Nuveen Floating Rate Income Opportunity Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.374864 "ETY UN EQUITY","Eaton Vance Tax Managed Diversified Equity Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,2.29293 "BME UN EQUITY","BlackRock Health Sciences Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,0.247474 "BLW UN EQUITY","BlackRock Limited Duration Income Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,0.813424 "DIAX UN EQUITY","Nuveen Dow 30SM Dynamic Overwrite Closed End Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.790112 "PTY UN EQUITY","PIMCO Corporate & Income Opportunity Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.851644 "DBL UN EQUITY","Doubleline Opportunistic Credit Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.274471 "BHK UN EQUITY","BlackRock Core Bond Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.00628 "EDI UN EQUITY","Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Total Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.138427 "EMD UN EQUITY","Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.834439 "EFT UN EQUITY","Eaton Vance Floating Rate Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.585104 "MGF UN EQUITY","MFS Government Markets Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.182276 "DFP UN EQUITY","Flaherty and Crumrine Dynamic Preferred and Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.51845 "HNW UA EQUITY","Pioneer Diversified High Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.191776 "FAM UN EQUITY","First Trust/Aberdeen Global Opportunity Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.284929 "PDT UN EQUITY","John Hancock Premium Dividend Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.654716 "MMT UN EQUITY","MFS Multimarket Income Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,0.745378 "IDE UN EQUITY","Voya Infrastructure Industrials & Materials Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.455723 "HEQ UN EQUITY","John Hancock Hedged Equity & Income Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.254058 "BCX UN EQUITY","BlackRock Resources & Commodities Strategy Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,1.54803 "GHY UN EQUITY","Prudential Global Short Duration Hi Yield Fd Inc","United States",,2017-03-31,0.959527 "VVR UN EQUITY","Invesco Senior Income Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,0.93472 "KMM UN EQUITY","Deutsche Multi-Market Income Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,0.269829 "JSD UN EQUITY","Nuveen Short Duration Credit Opportunities Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.172159 "FTF UA EQUITY","Franklin Limited Duration Income Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,0.450675 "BXMX UN EQUITY","Nuveen S&P 500 Buy Write Income Closed End Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.51957 "TEI UN EQUITY","Templeton Emerging Markets Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.87499 "MIN UN EQUITY","MFS Intermediate Income Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,0.718708 "EVV UA EQUITY","Eaton Vance Limited Duration Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,2.24636 "HPS UN EQUITY","John Hancock Preferred Income III Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.644543 "DHG UN EQUITY","Deutsche High Income Opportunities Fund Inc","United States",,2017-03-31,0.248124 "EHI UN EQUITY","Western Asset Global High Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.718383 "JGH UN EQUITY","Nuveen Global High Income Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.603688 "WIW UN EQUITY","Western Asset Claymore Inflation Linked Opportunities and Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.09153 "HYT UN EQUITY","BlackRock Corporate High Yield Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,2.17916 "BBN UN EQUITY","BlackRock Taxable Municipal Bond Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,1.40287 "BST UN EQUITY","BlackRock Science and Technology Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,0.756614 "ERC UA EQUITY","Wells Fargo Multi Sector Income Closed End Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.840607 "ETJ UN EQUITY","Eaton Vance Risk Managed Diversified Equity Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.827699 "JHI UN EQUITY","John Hancock Investors Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.210063 "GPM UN EQUITY","Guggenheim Enhanced Equity Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.174237 "JPC UN EQUITY","Nuveen Preferred Income Opportunities Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.08569 "HPF UN EQUITY","John Hancock Preferred Income II Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.432909 "IVH UN EQUITY","Ivy High Income Opportunities Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.355874 "ETB UN EQUITY","Eaton Vance Tax Managed Buy Write Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.321572 "CIK UA EQUITY","Credit Suisse Asset Management Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.241684 "EHT UN EQUITY","Eaton Vance High Income 2021 Target Term Closed End Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.237528 "PFN UN EQUITY","Pimco Income Strategy II Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.559037 "BOE UN EQUITY","BlackRock Global Opportunities Equity Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,1.50854 "IGD UN EQUITY","Voya Global Equity Dividend & Premium Opportunity Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.13967 "IRR UN EQUITY","Voya Natural Resources Equity Income Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.232147 "PAI UN EQUITY","Western Asset Income Closed End Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.152315 "SPXX UN EQUITY","Nuveen S&P 500 Dynamic Overwrite Closed End Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.262664 "GGM UN EQUITY","Guggenheim Credit Allocation Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.124089 "HIX UN EQUITY","Western Asset High Income II Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.862415 "INB UN EQUITY","Cohen & Steers Global Income Builder Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.337527 "EOI UN EQUITY","Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.732455 "MCN UN EQUITY","Madison Covered Call and Equity Strategy Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.21465 "BIT UN EQUITY","Blackrock Multi Sector Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.02651 "BGH UN EQUITY","Barings Global Short Duration High Yield Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.560502 "PHT UN EQUITY","Pioneer High Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.404232 "JPS UN EQUITY","Nuveen Preferred Securities Income Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,2.15296 "FSD UN EQUITY","First Trust High Income Long Short Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.822578 "MCR UN EQUITY","MFS Charter Income Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,0.725577 "PHD UN EQUITY","Pioneer Floating Rate Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,0.329684 "ETV UN EQUITY","Eaton Vance Tax Managed Buy Write Opportunities Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.759058 "JHA UN EQUITY","Nuveen High Income December 2018 Target Term Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.28405 "IAE UN EQUITY","Voya Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.215918 "BKT UN EQUITY","BlackRock Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.565189 "JQC UN EQUITY","Nuveen Credit Strategies Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.6374 "LDP UN EQUITY","Cohen & Steers Ltd Dur Pref and Income Fund Inc","United States",,2017-03-31,0.799753 "PCN UN EQUITY","PIMCO Corporate & Income Strategy Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.477711 "DUC UN EQUITY","Duff & Phelps Utility and Corporate Bond Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.354925 "PFD UN EQUITY","Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Fund Inc","United States",,2017-03-31,0.127676 "EVG UN EQUITY","Eaton Vance Short Duration Diversified Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.359707 "VGI UN EQUITY","Virtus Global Multi Sector Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.252029 "NBB UN EQUITY","Nuveen Build America Bond Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.61231 "INSI UN EQUITY","Insight Select Income Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.292271 "BGX UN EQUITY","Blackstone GSO Long Short Credit Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.281311 "EAD UA EQUITY","Wells Fargo Income Opportunities Closed End Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.849247 "VBF UN EQUITY","Invesco Van Kampen Bond Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.29891 "CII UN EQUITY","BlackRock Enhanced Capital and Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.99293 "PPT UN EQUITY","Putnam Premier Income Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,0.83983 "FPF UN EQUITY","First Trust Intermediate Duration Preferred and Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.56029 "GDO UN EQUITY","Western Asset Global Corporate Defined Opportunity Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.368052 "BTZ UN EQUITY","BlackRock Credit Allocation Income Trust","United States",Financials,2017-03-31,2.25385 "JHY UN EQUITY","Nuveen High Income 2020 Target Term Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.112321 "FLC UN EQUITY","Flaherty & Crumrine Total Return Fund Inc","United States",,2017-03-31,0.199007 "ISD UN EQUITY","Prudential Short Duration High Yield Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.722448 "PIM UN EQUITY","Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,0.373357 "FFC UN EQUITY","Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Securities Income Fd","United States",,2017-03-31,0.710616 "JFR UN EQUITY","Nuveen Floating Rate Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.623507 "DHF UN EQUITY","Dreyfus High Yield Strategies Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.276798 "FAX UA EQUITY","Aberdeen Asia Pacific Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,2.00726 "PSF UN EQUITY","Cohen and Steers Select Preferred and Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.299208 "FCT UN EQUITY","First Trust Senior Floating Rate Income Fund II","United States",,2017-03-31,0.407243 "GBAB UN EQUITY","Guggenheim Taxable Municipal Managed Duration Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.434337 "RA UN EQUITY","Brookfield Real Assets Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.31898 "PFL UN EQUITY","Pimco Income Strategy Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.267452 "DHY UA EQUITY","Credit Suisse High Yield Bond Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.255288 "NSL UN EQUITY","Nuveen Senior Income Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.249172 "GIM UN EQUITY","Templeton Global Income Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.45797 "TSI UN EQUITY","TCW Strategic Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.36014 "ETW UN EQUITY","Eaton Vance Tax Managed Global Buy Write Opportunities Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.26927 "KIO UN EQUITY","KKR Income Opportunities Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.398084 "BGY UN EQUITY","BlackRock International Growth and Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.11325 "DSU UN EQUITY","BlackRock Debt Strategies Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.10868 "PKO UN EQUITY","PIMCO Income Opportunity Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.301077 "QQQX UW EQUITY","Nuveen NASDAQ 100 Dynamic Overwrite Closed End Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.703654 "HYB UN EQUITY","New America High Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.314876 "HYI UN EQUITY","Western Asset High Yield Defined Opportunity Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.552028 "NHS UA EQUITY","Neuberger Berman High Yield Strategies Fund Inc","United States",,2017-03-31,0.372638 "IGI UN EQUITY","Western Asset Investment Grade Defined Opportunity Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.212266 "EFR UN EQUITY","Eaton Vance Senior Floating Rate Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.523481 "FRA UN EQUITY","BlackRock Floating Rate Income Strategies Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.589239 "AWF UN EQUITY","AllianceBernstein Global High Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,1.56347 "JHB UN EQUITY","Nuveen High Income November 2021 Target Term Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.52816 "FFA UN EQUITY","First Trust Enhanced Equity Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.461442 "JPI UN EQUITY","Nuveen Preferred and Income Term Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.610616 "PPR UN EQUITY","Voya Prime Rate Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,0.899786 "NFJ UN EQUITY","AllianzGI NFJ Dividend Interest & Premium Strategy Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,2.14599 "BGB UN EQUITY","Blackstone GSO Strategic Credit Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.986843 "NBD UN EQUITY","Nuveen Build America Bond Opportunity Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.212124 "BDJ UN EQUITY","BlackRock Enhanced Equity Dividend Trust","United States",,2017-03-31,2.56025 "HPI UN EQUITY","John Hancock Preferred Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.605057 "STK UN EQUITY","Columbia Seligman Premium Technology Growth Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.250934 "BGR UN EQUITY","BlackRock Energy and Resources Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.657331 "EDF UN EQUITY","Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Income Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.195124 "BGT UN EQUITY","BlackRock Floating Rate Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.319751 "FDEU UN EQUITY","First Trust Dynamic Europe Equity Income Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.462049 "EXD UN EQUITY","Eaton Vance Tax Advantaged Bond And Option Strategies Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.171914 "GNT UN EQUITY","GAMCO Natural Resources Gold and Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.164119 "MSD UN EQUITY","Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Debt Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.347952 "EXG UN EQUITY","Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Diversified Equity Income Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,3.62911 "WEA UN EQUITY","Western Asset Premier Bond Closed Fund","United States",,2017-03-31,0.178908